About the Monke

About the Monke

Adrian Lee

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The first fully evolved monkey, or as the locals call it; monke (Mon-Keh), was born between 34 and 37 million years ago. This breed was called the Victoriapithecus. These monke still resemble nowadays monke. Since they live so long ago, it’s hard to figure out their diet but we do know what present-day monke eat.

Present-day monke eats plants and small animals as they are omnivores. They eat fruits, nuts, lizards, bird eggs, and bananas. To capture larger animals, they use their strong arms to swing and attack their prey. They then grab the prey and bite it, killing it.
Evolution has lots of different types of monkeys. They adapt to their habitat. The snow monkey’s (Japanese macaque) origin habitat is in Japan. They have large, thick fur. In -15 degree celsius (15 Fahrenheit) climate, they don’t feel a thing, anything lower they could get frostbite or even die. Another breed of monke is the Patas monkey. This monkey lives in hot deserts.

If you love not saying monkey and saying monke, you should play this cool VR game. The game is called Gorilla Tag. This game is only available on oculus or steam. In the game, you are a monke, running away from the lava monkeys It is like infection tag, if you get tagged, you get tagged too. The game is full monke sim. You have no legs so you have to use branches and the ground with your hands. Lots of people are very good at the game. You should play too.

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