NFL Playoff Predictions


Colt Leman


NFL Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs are finally here, after 18 weeks of football. These are my predictions, plus some other students’ predictions for the first round of the playoffs.

For the Wild Card round, I have the Jaguars, the Bengals, the Bills, the Cowboys, the Vikings, and the 49ers. First off, the Jaguars game. I have the Jaguars because they went from the worst team in the NFL, to winning their division and getting the 4th seed in the AFC. The Chargers had big expectations coming into the season, but underperformed. Most thought they were going to win their division, but they didn’t. I asked 7th grader Corbin Short about this game, and who he thinks is going to win. His answer, the Jaguars. He said that he liked Trevor Lawrence, and that their jersey’s were cool. Most people like Trevor Lawrence’s hair, look him up, you’ll see why. 

Secondly, I have the Bengals. They have a big advantage over the Ravens because their starting quarterback, Lamar Jackson, is injured. They are also a higher seed. I asked Brennan Mcallister what he thought about this game, and he said the same thing that I did. Lamar is out, so the Bengals are going to win.

Next, I have the Bills over the dolphins. The Bills have been tremendous this year, and with Tua out, the dolphins would stand much of a chance against the Bills. The only reason that the Bills weren’t the first seed is because of Damar Hamlin injury, and the Bills and Bengals canceling the game. As of the time I am writing this Damar Hamlin has just been released from the hospital, and is continuing to recover at his house. Another 7th grader I talked to, Brett Zeltwanger, also said that the Bills were going to win. His reason why, they have Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Moving on to the NFC, I have the Cowboys over the Buccaneers. The Cowboys almost won their division over the Eagles, but the Eagles ended up winning the division and the conference, meaning they got the first round bye. The Cowboys have been playing great recently, and according to 7th grader Finn Hoffman, “Tom Brady is too old.” The Buccaneers haven’t had a great season but they won their division, so they made it to the playoffs.

Another winner of the Wild card round for me is the Vikings. The Vikings have the best WR in the NFL right now (my opinion), Justin Jefferson. They have been hot all season and I think will go pretty far in the playoffs. 7th grader Bryn Mayo has a differing opinion saying that the Giants are going to win because frankly, they are cool.

Lastly, I have the 49ers beating the Seahawks. The 49ers are the second seed in the NFC and have undergone many quarterback changes in the last 2 seasons. 7th grader Savannah Henderson, said that the Seahawks were going to win, and even going as far to say that they are better than the Chiefs. The Chiefs are the 1 seed in the AFC. 

For my second round picks I have the Chiefs beating the Jags and the Bills beating the Bengals, in honor of Damar Hamlin. The Chiefs play the Jags because the lowest seed left plays the first seed in the second round. The Chiefs are playing on a very high level this year, even though they traded their best receiver, Tyreek Hill. I don’t think the Jags stand a chance against the Chiefs. The Bills were going to play the Bengals in week 17, but due to the injury of Damar Hamlin, the game was canceled. The Bills are playing on the same level as the Chiefs this year, even beating them in week 6, but the Bills have terrible playoff luck. Last year, they lost due to a coin flip. They even made it to the Super Bowl 4 times in a row, and lost all 4 times. 

For the NFC, I have the Eagles beating the Cowboys and the 49ers over the Vikings. The Eagles and the Cowboys are division rivals, and have already played 2 times this year. The Cowboys won the first game, and the Eagles won the Second one. The Cowboys almost won their division. But the Eagles won in week 18 to the Giants to clinch their division and their conference. Also the Cowboys tend to choke in the playoffs and lose. I have the 49ers over the Vikings. Both teams had a 13-4 record going into the playoffs. The 49ers have a Pro Bowler at every position offense and defense besides quarterback. That is why I have them over the Vikings. 

For the Semifinals I have the Chiefs over the Bills and the Eagles over the 49ers. I have the Chiefs over the Bills because the Bills have terrible playoff luck, and always seem to lose after a deep playoff run. Also, the Chiefs have proven that they can perform in the playoffs when it counts. I have the Eagles over the 49ers because Brock Purdy may be doing good, but eventually, his luck is going to run out, even with a great roster, I think the Eagles have been playing too good to lose to a 3rd string quarterback.

And finally for the Super Bowl I have the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. I have the Chiefs over the Eagles because, one, they have the best offense in the NFL, and two, are more proven in the playoffs.

These are my 2022-2023 NFL playoff predictions.