EMS Wrestling Has Started!


Aiyana Lampert

Wrestling at EMS has started! I interviewed Hank Wettstein to find out a little more about the team. There are 38 people on the team! That’s the most they’ve ever had as a team. They practice 6 days a week, and 2 hours a day.


 The team captains are Cade Strawn, Fisher Gladson, and Lincoln Knapp. The coach, Mr. Schiadle, has them play “Snakes” every day before they start practice. They end the day with working out, and conditioning.


Landon Still, who is on the wrestling team as well, says that besides the captains, Finn Hoffman is the best wrestler on the team. He says Finn is strong, hardworking, and knows what to do, which makes him a good wrestler. The team has had 2 meets so far. Landon says they could definitely win this year if they work hard and work together. 


Coach Schaidle has been coaching for 20 years, and is going to retire after next year. Landon says Mr. Schaidle is a great coach. He is loud, ambitious, and assertive. I hope the wrestling team has a great season!