Elsie in England


Chatsworth house

England is a really cool place to go on vacation to. We have an EMS student named Elsie Holt that lived there for about nine years. 

She was born in Cardiff, Wales and moved to the US when she was nine years old. I asked her if it was fun in England and she said, “Yes, despite the rain and clouds. I also often went on vacation to Saint Ives.”

Elsies mom, Mrs. Holt said that she enjoyed living in Wales. She said that she loved learning about the new cultures and it was just fun living in a different country.  

When I asked Elsie if there is anything that we might think is a little funny that they do she said, ”This might not be necessarily funny but they call a lot of things differently than us like potato chips are crisps and cookies are biscuits.”

Here in Illinois there are a lot of flat fields. I asked her if she could describe England. She said that there are a lot of big cities but there are also a lot of cool rolling hills.

  I asked her if the food and restaurants were better there. She said, “I like both of them the same but I liked their fish and chips because they were fresh. I also liked some of the candy they have.”

A lot of people think that the schools might be a lot bigger and fancier. When I asked her what the school was like there she said that the schools were a little different, but the biggest difference is that they don’t go by grades (5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, ect). They go by years. For example, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, and so on. I also asked her if the schools are fancier there and she said not really. They do wear uniforms in school. She said that she likes the uniforms because you already know what you are going to wear in the morning so you are not so stressed. 

When I asked Mrs. Holt about her perspective on the school there she said, ”One thing that I disliked about the schools in the UK was how early the children go to school.  Most children start school full-time the September after their fourth birthday. This is called a nursery which is the equivalent to preschool in the United States.” She also said that they lived in a city where the space was very limited so some schools did not have grass to play on just blacktop. 

Their holidays are basically the same but they don’t have Thanksgiving. Elsie still celebrated Thanksgiving in England though, because her mom, Mrs. Holt is from Eureka so she always celebrated it. 

I asked Mrs. Holt, what is one cool thing about England and she said that they have a beautiful countryside and when you combine it with historical estates that have been around for centuries you can’t beat it.

The final question I asked Elsie was: Would she go back to England in the future? She said, “Definitely!”