Book Review – Shadow Children Series

Book Review -  Shadow Children Series

Shadow Children is a book series that consists of 7 books. The author is Margret Peterson Haddix. The books are about a dystopian country that is in desperate need of food because they have a food shortage. Because of the food shortage, the government decided to create a law that made it illegal for a family to have more than two children.

Before I read this book series I could not find any books that I enjoyed reading. But when I started to read the first book I could not put it down. It was so good and so are all the other books. If you don’t like the Shadow Children series then you might like some other books that Margret Peterson Haddix wrote. Some other books are: Found, Running Out of Time, Uprising, and Sent. These are just a few. I would definitely recommend that you try to read a few of these books. 

The first book is probably one of my favorites. It is about how Luke, who is the main character, is a third child and the government is trying to get rid of all third children. Because of this he has to get a fake ID card and go to a really strict school away from his family.

The rest of the books show his ups and downs of running away from the population police. At one point he even joins them and works for his enemies. Lots of his friends died while he was trying to make all third children free from the government. 

If you want to find out if he exceeds in his mission to free third children then you should read this series.