Doors or Wheels?

Doors or Wheels?

Emma Miller and Hudsyn Schertz

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Are there more wheels or doors in the world?


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There are a lot of opinions going around about the question, are there more wheels or doors in the world. When you think about it every car has at least 4 wheels but don’t cars have 4 doors too? 5 if you count the trunk door. Hotels or apartments have a bunch of doors but every door hing has a wheel mechanism. Now to our final point when you look at the definition of a door it says a
sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance. For you science people every cell or organ technically has a door right? We interviewed people from every grade to find there opinions about what they think and this is the data we collected. 

Cayden Fogo said – Doors

Hanna Jones said – Wheels

Kale Defrese said – Wheels

Saleh Gerst said – Wheels

Emily Worthen said – Doors

Deylan Deval said – Doors

Harper Johnson said – Doors

Carter Wynn said – Doors

5 out of the 8 people said doors and 3 out of 8 said wheels. Doors win!!! If you weren’t asked think about it are there more doors or wheels?