Colt Ulrich- 8th Grade


Q- Do you have a favorite car?

A- no


Q- What’s your favorite food?

A- Pancakes


Q- What’s your favorite color?



Q- What’s your favorite animal?

A- a dog


Q- What’s your favorite soda?

A- Sprite


Q- Do you like spicy food?

A- No I hate spicy food


Q- How would you describe yourself in three words?

A- friendly, funny, and… (starts looking around asking for people to describe him) stupid…


Q- What’s the strangest thing in your refrigerator? 

A- Liver

Q- A human liver

A- Just Liver


Q- What is the most annoying thing about yourself

A- I’m nosey


Q- If you could time travel in a time machine to any year when would that be?

A- Dinosaurs


Q- What is the stupidest thing you did?

A- I saw a bee on top of a flower and i thought it looked fuzzy so I put my finger on it

Q- Did it sting you?

A- Yes


Q- What do you want to be someday? 

A- I don’t know (someone yells “a chicken nugget with wheels”) sure

Q- A chicken nugget with wheels?

A- Yes


Q- If you went to the Olympics what would you do? 

A- Running