100 Ideas to Do When You’re Bored

100 Ideas to Do When Youre Bored

You have probably had a day when you were so bored you wanted to be in school. This list below ⇩ has 100 ideas and activities to do when you are really bored. 

  1.  Build a fort 
  2.  Call a friend  
  3.  Color/draw 
  4.  Play volleyball
  5.  Play a board game
  6.  Watch a movie 
  7.  Hangout with a friend 
  8.  Cook/bake  
  9.  Paint 
  10.  Convince your parents to get a pet
  11.  Read
  12. Make a playlist of your favorite songs
  13. Play video games  
  14. Go for a walk   
  15. Take a nap 
  16. Write a song 
  17.     Teach your pet a new trick 
  18. Write letters 
  19.     Rearrange your room    
  20. Make a domino chain  
  21. Do a puzzle 
  22. Go swimming 
  23. Go on a bike ride 
  24. Ride a dirtbike / fourwheeler 
  25. Roast s’mores over a fire 
  26. Nurf gun fight with your siblings 
  27. Jump over toilet paper rolls
  28. Watch YouTube 
  29. Play with stuffed animal 
  30. Do a fashion show
  31. Go to Target, Walmart, or Dollar General
  32. Download a new game
  33. Try new foods at different restaurants
  34. Play booklet or make a Kahoot  
  35. Play with your neighbors 
  36. Jump in leaves
  37. Go to Crumble Cookies
  38. Have a picnic 
  39. Go to a trampoline park
  40. Research your favorite animal 
  41. Go to the park 
  42. Swing 
  43. Learn a new sport 
  44. Go to Uncle Bobs / Lydia’s dairy barn 
  45. Write a play
  46. Practice the sport you do 
  47. Carve pumpkins
  48. Paint pumpkins 
  49. Play four square 
  50. Plan a party 
  51. Play games with your Alexa if you have one
  52. Do crosswords 
  53. Put stickers on your water bottle 
  54. Decorate your room
  55. Order stuff on Amazon 
  56. Make a Christmas list
  57. Make a birthday list
  58. Make hot cocoa 
  59. Climb a tree 
  60. Make ice cream/milkshake 
  61. Give your pet a treat
  62. Learn sign language
  63. Learn a different language
  64. Write your own story 
  65. Do an art challenge 
  66. Make a house out of popsicle sticks
  67. Do a free car wash near your house
  68. Make a lemonade stand
  69. Play hide and seek 
  70. Make an obstacle course 
  71. Build with Legos 
  72. Go on a scavenger hunt
  73. Use chalk to draw on your sidewalk 
  74. Listen to a podcast 
  75. Collect rocks and paint them 
  76. Make slime 
  77. Put together a time capsule
  78. Make your own lunch 
  79. Listen to an audio book 
  80. Do an egg drop experiment 
  81. Put mentos in soda and make it go boom
  82. Go to the zoo
  83. Go to an aquarium 
  84. Make fruit kabobs
  85. Play in a creek 
  86. Go to a water park
  87. Grow a garden 
  88. Grow a Venus flytrap 
  89. Play catch 
  90. Plant a tree 
  91. Play frisbee 
  92. Go to the library 
  93. Tie-dye  
  94. Go bird watching 
  95. Camp out in your backyard
  96. Play duck duck goose 
  97. Make bath bombs 
  98. Finger paint 
  99. Play charades 
  100. Take silly selfies 


I hope this helps you!!!!