7th Grade Field Trip to Timber Pointe

7th Grade Field Trip to Timber Pointe

Deliah Porter

The 7th grader’s field trip to Timber Pointe was on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th. The boys went Thursday and the girls went Friday. The boys did the giant swing, outdoor games, zipline, archery, and water vessels. The girls did the same thing but with cooking added because fewer girls are in our grade.

During the giant swing, we were harnessed to the swing and pulled up to the height we wanted, then we were dropped, then we just swung. During outdoor games, we played a specific game of catch where one partner tossed it up then we high-fived with both hands how many times Mrs. Bellini said then the other partner had to catch it before it hits the ground. We then played in real-life hungry-hungry hippos. Last we played hockey with a balloon and pool noodles, but it was in the air not on the ground. The zipline had a vertical rock wall and a slanted rock wall, the vertical rock wall was just for fun and the slanted one was to get to the zipline. Archery was where we had targets in front of us (four going at a time) then we shot after setting it up. Water vessels are riding kayaks, canoes, arm boats, paddle boats, etc. We then just road around. The girls made ice cream in cooking with two bags and we then put the ingredients in one bag then, the second one had ice and ice cream salt in it. You put the smaller (first bag) in it then shook the bag for a while. The ice cream came out as a soft serve or soup for most of us.

Everyone had a bunch of fun at Timber Pointe! My favorite part of the trip was the zipline because it helped me get over my fear of heights, the same with some other 7th graders. Many others’ favorite part was the giant swing some said they love it because you don’t expect the drop and you got super fast. A few girls said they loved cooking/making the ice cream and it tasted good!



Everyone had an amazing time. If you ever have time to go camping at Timber Pointe I highly recommend going! Its super fun and you get to learn a lot about different friends.